1075 - Die Waffe der Porleyter
The Weapon of the Porleyters
Marianne Sydow

Callamon and a terran team land on Zhruut and look for Dano-Kerg, whose host body is quickly deteriorating. The Porleyter reaches inside the station where the Kardec shields are stored, devices that make their bearer invincible. Voire, who represents the consciousness of the ancient Porleyters, appears to Dano-Kerg and tells him that he should not try to use the weapon but the Porleyter ignores him.

Callamon finds Dano-Kerg, who is now wearing a Kardec shield. As Dano-Kerg starts invading Callamon's body, Voire appears and disables the shield, saying that only the weapons of love can counter the effect of the Kardec shield. Both Dano-Kerg and Voire are destroyed in the process.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-05

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