1074 - Lockruf aus M 3
Call from M3
K.H. Scheer

The Rakal Woolver arrives in the system of the five planets, which is protected by a barrier. Pucky manages to cross it and lands on the second planet, where he receives mental messages from someone who seems to know him. Pucky locates the originator, whose name is Clifton Callamon. Callamon was an admiral of the solar fleet in 2401 when he was captured by a Porleyter called Dano-Kerg.

Dano-Kerg is currently occupying the body of a dying giant worm and he has been working on improving Callamon's body with the intention to occupy his body. Picky wakes up Callamon from his lethargic sleep, who tells him that Dano-Kerg wants to go to Zhruut, the third planet, where he will find the ultimate weapon of the Porleyters, and also a being called Voire.

Cedric Beust 2003-03-05

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