1072 - Karawane nach Magellan
Caravan for Magellan
Ernst Vlcek

In July 4012, Atlan discovers that all the Spoodies on the Sol have disappeared. He immediately suspects Gesil but she claims her innocence. She tells the Arkonide that the asteroid she used to live on was running an experiment trying to recreate the Viral Empire but she doesn't know anything more about it. The Sol reaches the void between the Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way.

The Sol detects a fleet of over three hundred spaceships. It's a caravan on its way to Magellan, whose goal is to repopulate a planet that was evacuated after an attack by a Time Point. Atlan tries to make contact with them but Seneca prevents the coomunication. The Arkonide discovers that the Spoodies have taken control of the computer. The crew is soon captured by robots and locked up.

Seneca contacts the fleet, called Kollorel, and tells them the story of the Sol. A delegation is sent on board of the Sol, led by the captain of the fleet, Anja Pygnell, who is controlled by Seth Apophis. Seneca tells Atlan that Seth Apophis is in control of the Spoodies, which were infected on the asteroid before they left.

The Sol, now completely controlled by Seth Apophis, resumes its course toward the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2003-02-03

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