1071 - Zwischenstation Orsafal
Stop on Orsafal
Marianne Sydow

Two thousand Porleyters have been freed from their crystal prisons and are taken to Orsafal, a swamp planet. The traps set by them in M3 are removed and the cell-activator carriers no longer suffer from illness. Rhodan reiterates his offer to take the Porleyters to New Moragan Pordh but they refuse and tell him that they have already sent a signal there and that a spaceship will soon be picking them up.

However, the spaceship never appears and Rhodan forces the Porleyters to realize that they are probably not welcome any more in New Moragan Pordh. The Porleyters are still reluctant and ask Rhodan to give them a robotic crew in order to go there without any humans. Rhodan refuses.

Cedric Beust 2003-02-05

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