1070 - Gefangene der Materie
Prisoners of the Matter
William Voltz

The Trager lands on Klatau after more Porleyter installations were spotted by the crew. There, they discover seventeen androide bodies and mysterious crystals. The Darghetians inspect the atomic structure of the crystals and discover that consciousnesses of Porleyters are trapped inside. The Darghetians manage to free a Porleyter, who then transfers his consciousness inside a crab body.

The Porleyter's name is Clynvanth-Oso-Megh and he recognizes that Rhodan and Salik are Knights of the Abyss. He tells them his story.

In a distant past...

After they anchored the Frost Ruby, the Porleyters expected to get an opportunity to reach another level of evolution and become a super-intelligence, but they quickly realized that it is not going to happen. The Cosmocrats show them their new home, a system made of five planets in M3 called New Moragan-Pordh.

They transfered their consciousness in androide bodies but they also used the crystals found on the planet in a desperate attempt to gain new abilities. Unfortunately, they all became prisoners of the crystals.

Clynvanth-Oso-Megh estimates that only 10% of the seventy thousand Porleyters are still alive. He also tells Rhodan that more information on the Frost Ruby can be found on the New Moragan-Pordh but he refuses to give him the coordinates.

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