107 - Das blaue System
The Blue System
K.H. Scheer

Atlan waits for the arrival of Perry Rhodan on Arkon. During the landing of Perry Rhodan’s ship, there is an attempt to murder Atlan with the help of his dog Mocha (someone has implanted a poisoned stinger in the dog’s muzzle). The attempt is foiled by Fellmer Lloyd. Canceling the festivities planned to celebrate the arrival of the Administrator of Sol, Atlan and Perry hurry to listen to the Regent's report concerning the Akonides.

Atlan, Rhodan and Tama Yokida present themselves at the entry of the forbidden zone, heart of the Coordinator (Robot Regent). After having convinced Security Circuit A-1 the necessity of the presence of the two Earthman in the coordinator's innards, they enter a room to listen to the report of the Regent and its recommendations.

The Regent announces its deductions that the only foreseeable course of action is an attack against Akon without notice and this idea leads to an animate discussion. Suddenly an Akonide transmitter appears. The three men are neutralized by a weapon of the Akonides (a "stream of green light") as well as by three Akonides who emerge from the transmitter.

When they wake up, Auris of Las-Toor appears accompanied by two armed men. In her presence, Perry Rhodan and Atlan protest against their abduction. She gives them some freedom of movement. Rhodan benefits from this by contacting his crew telepathically (which had remained on board of the new flagship Ironduke) and gives by this same method of communication the order to his and Atlan’s fleet to prepare to attack the Blue System. Considering an escape, they are interrupted by the abrupt entry of the Akonide ship into semispace, a brutal entry especially since the Ironduke is close on its tail.

Having overpowered two guards and an officer, Perry Rhodan and his companions win the command center of the Akonide ship. They take control of it and interrupt the linear flight to facilitate the pursuit to Ironduke. But, the Akonide ship possesses a transmitter... which is put into operation and knocks everyone unconscious.

Once they regain consciousness again, Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Tama Yokida meet a member of the Akonide Ruling Council, Fere-Khar. Realizing that it is preferable to wait for help where they are, that is to say in a spatial station, rather than to have themselves brought onto the planet, Atlan simulates an illness and Perry Rhodan demands the most assiduous care.

By means of procrastinations, swoons and bad timing, Perry Rhodan and Atlan win respite of a dozen hours and are able to determine the goals of the Akonides, that is to say, the Akonide’s plans to modify their blue screen. But their subterfuge is discovered and in the hour that follows, Auris comes looking for them in order to transport them onto the planet Drorah (Sphinx). The alarm sounds: Ironduke arrives and Rhodan makes contact with the mutants. During this time, Atlan and Tama Yokida guide it, following everyone to include Aurus and her escort.

12 minutes later, the group meets in the room of the transmitter, at the time of the starting up of one of Atlan’s devices and Tama Yokida goes into action and gets rid of the Akonide escort. The teleporters then emerge and transports everybody on board the Ironduke. The attack against the spatial stations producing the blue screen results in their destruction by the linear propulsion ships, opening the way for more traditional “transition” ships. Making with their fleet to the capital of the system, Atlan and Perry Rhodan require and get the surrender of the Akonides. They also obtain the rights for a trading outpost on Drorah as well as the plans of the Akonide linear propulsion system. Atlan then joins the flagship of his fleet.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-20

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