1069 - Tötet die Terraner!
Kill the Terrans!
H.G. Ewers

The two Darghetians Sagus-Rhet and Kerma-Jo are having increasing doubts on Seth Apophis and start wondering if the super-intelligence is not evil. They decide to observe the Terrans and manage to block Seth Apophis' orders to a certain extent. They discover a giant tree and use their Matter Controlling abilities to inspect its components. They realize that the tree's gluons are exceptionally stronger than normal. Seth Apophis then orders them to destroy the tree but they resist.

When the Terrans land on Impulse II, the Darghetians realize they have been duped by Seth Apophis and they go back in the Porleyter station in order to return to their original worm-like bodies. They are captured by the Terrans who, although they can sense they are more friendly toward them, still have the possibility to destroy installations on board the ship. Rhodan has them paralyzed and locked behind a paratron shield.

As the Trager is moving away from M3 in order to the activator carriers to recuperate, the Terrans make contact with the Darghetians.

Cedric Beust 2003-02-03

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