1068 - Rückkehr in die Hölle
Return to Hell
Kurt Mahr

The crew of the destroyed DAN PICOT take over the star cruiser TRAGER, whose crew was redistributed to the other ships of the mixed fleet. The cruiser breaks open again on 28 June after M-3, where the EM Alpha system with the planet EM, is approached again. There, a base station is created, by tunneling into the rock monolith and to the ammonia lake. Subsequently, the scientists observe two unexplainable phenomena around Geoffry Abel Waringer again.

Perry Rhodan, who assumes that, on all planets with such phenomena subplanetary stations of the Porleyter are, makes itself accordingly on the search. Meanwhile the commanders of ship's boat Nikki Frickel, Narktor and Wido Helfrich are occupied with the EM-sponges.

Mh-Kleinenführer is an intelligent roll sponge. He observes distrustfully the activities of the strangers. It is particularly concerned for the inviolability of the good one (the rock) and the large one (the lake), which are debased by the strangers. On the other hand Mh-Kleinenführer asks itself whether the strangers know at all what it and the large one's devine natures are. For their defiance, he prepares to attack the artificial embossments with two worm-like extensions.

On 30 June there comes a surprise attack on the TRAGER by a Terran three-man hunter. Gucky prevents the worst however and determines that the crew of the hunter came from the the wreck of the DAN PICOT, which lies on the planet of the two android crabs. But after the crash of the hunter they are either dead or unconscious.

The scientists at the rock and at the lake detect in each case a source of consciousness, but their result reads further, the rock is a rock and the lake a lake, who do not fit however on the planets. But Frickel and his two male colleagues and friends have more success, i.e. a mental contact to Mh-Kleinenführer. They want the roll sponge or the EM-amoeba to be convinced, that they intended to commit no sacrilege and the shortly after the approaching attack is broken off.

Rhodan, Carfesch and Jen Salik discover a subplanetary station with four android crab bodies in suspended animation. Afterwards, the two Knights of the Abyss and the former Cosmocrat become united to solve the whole mystery of the globular cluster around the Porleyter and sources of mental impulses. One day later, on the 3rd of July, the TRAGER starts back to Omikron-15 CV, where they want to recover the activator carriers from the ZA-syndrome. Afterwards they can go to the Impuls system.

Mark Gearhart 2009-08-07

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