1067 - Am Rand des Nichts
The Edge of the Void
H.G. Francis

Tolot and Tosen are finally free of Seth Apophis' influence and they enter the mysterious crystal wall. Inside, they discover a maze and they are attacked by a fleet of small creature that infiltrate their spaceship and attempt to destroy it. Tolot manages to expel them using ultrasounds.

They finally emerge from the maze and discover an artificial landscape made of plains and mountains. They land on an astroport where they find spacehsips of various shapes. They meet a Phygo called Arrheed, who shows them that they are surrounded by debris. Arrheed, who came from the planet Phynascour, was brought here against his will and is now a prisoner. His task is to remove an Anchor from its position, but he doesn't have any more details.

Tolot and Athosen receive the mission to go in the debris field and bring back a sample from a region from which nobody has ever come back. When they get close to the mysterious sample, Tolot's glove leaves his hand, grabs a sample of the ore and brings it back to the Halutian. On the way back, Tolot has the vision of a tall and colorful creature.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-24

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