1066 - Gesils Punkt
Gesil's Point
Ernst Vlcek

On the Sol, Gesil generates fascination with the crew and she manifests an extreme interest for the Spoodies cargo. She is attacked by a mysterious opponents but when Atlan watches the surveillance cameras, the attacker is nowhere to be seen. Gesil finds a picture of Perry Rhodan and immediately feels a strong attraction toward him.

The Sol receives an impulse which is soon determined to be aimed at Gesil. The impulse comes from an artificial asteroid field which the Sol soon reaches. Atlan discovers a space station inhabited by a humanoide called Parabus, who reminds the Arkonide Scallur, the dismantler of Cosmic Fortresses.

Parabus has been charged by the Cosmocrats to rebuild the Viral Empire and so far, his achievement looks like a cloud of Spoodies, which highly interests Gesil.

The Sol resumes its course toward the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-24

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