1065 - Die Superviren
The Supervirus
Peter Griese

On Lokvorth the cosmic wonder child Quiupu works further on the partial reconstruction of the Viral Empire. Sarga Ehkesh and the other 120 Terran scientists still feel redundant, so they go their own ways partially, Demos Yoorn and the crew of the LUZFRIG have more or less absolute boredom. But Jakobs Ellmer and Willy Parnatzel choose to follow their own mission, i.e. the search for the missing person Srimavo.

Quiupu mentioned that so far he has created ten million superviruses, which are momentarily in a growth phase as a plasma ball five meters across. Surprisingly it speaks of a new danger for the experiment and makes firm demands for the support of four ships from Terra. An appropriate plea is sent over the radio to the Sol system.

Ehkesh never developed a wound and trauma over the death of her father. In the meantime the woman stands to lose her sanity soon which is noticeable to no one however.

On Terra Reginald Bull speaks with Galbraith Deighton, the security head of the Cosmic Hanse, and asks him to fly with four ships to Lokvorth. They start on 20 June with the star cruisers TOSER BAN, REGNAL ORTON, NEVIS LATAN and JINGUISEM, under the command of Vlora Montana. When they reach the Scarfaaru system after two days, the highest uncertainty phase prevails.

The cosmic wonder kid speaks to the plasma ball of a danger becoming ever more acute and actually deforms. At the same time Void Srimavo dips and Quiupu explained that the danger would go away. Something seems to diffuse from the plasma ball then, which looks like rain drops. At that moment Deighton, with the four cruisers appears, and the plasma ball as well as the lost drops are saved and on instruction from Quiupus are brought into a stationary orbit, where the ships form a makeshift station.

Srimavo is together again with Ellmer and Parnatzel. IT avowed to undertake nothing against the superviruses for they would be just as important as for Quiupu. However their motivation is not from Quiupu.

Now the problem becomes obvious to Ehkesh. In its illusion it flees into the jungle, where it is naturally in mortal danger. Several search groups are sent out. One group briefly determines there are still superviruses in the research station. Before they can be saved, 24 men and women, under it Adelaie, are struck by it. The superviruses settle under the scalp to feel more balanced. In addition their intellectual capacity rises.

In the orbit the situation stabilizes, which is accompanied by the renewed disappearance of Srimavos. Ehkesh is found a little later, dead. It's son Kirt Dorell Ehkesh becomes new director/conductor of the station.

On 27 June, Deighton starts with the four cruisers back to Terra. They carry the 24 humans, who carry the Supervirus under their scalps, where they are to remain under observation.

Mark Gearhart 2009-08-07

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