1064 - Der Schiffbruch
The Shipwreck
Clark Darlton

Rhodan realizes that Laire's Eye is no longer working, and the increasing health problems suffered by all the cell activators no longer leave any doubt: all these devices are Porleyter devices and they no longer work inside M3. Rhodan decides to head back toward the rest of the fleet in the Omicron sector, outside M3. During the flight, the engines and radios explode.

The two crabs then come back to life and Rhodan realizes that they are androids. Turned into a wreck, the Dan Picot crashes on the only planet of a red sun.

Pucky realizes that if he takes of his cell activator, his health returns to normal, but he can't stay without the activator for too long or his body will deperish. Pucky explores the undegrounds of the planet where more Porleyter installations are found, including seven lifeless crabs. He seals their location, afraid that they might sabotage the Terran installations like their two compatriots did on the Dan Picot.

Defense installations suddenly emerge from the ground and destroy the Dan Picot completely. Fortunately, the shuttles are still working and the Terrans are able to reach Omicron with them.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-24

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