1061 - Beherrscher des Atoms
Masters of the Atom
H.G. Ewers

The Dargethians are a peaceful race located in an area of space between the Spheres of Influence of It and Seth Apophis. Long ago, Seth Apophis took control of their civilization and made them serve him. Two Darghetians are picked by the super-intelligence and trained so they can drive a spaceship. Seth Apophis gives them the mission to assist an Avataru which is stranded in space because its Medusa broke down.

When the two Darghetians, named Sagus-Rhet and Kerma-Jo, arrive at the location, they find a Sawpan spaceship which is on its way toward M3, carrying Matter Controlers on board. Their mission is to find the Porleyters. Seth Apophis tell the Darghetians that the Sawpans once betrayed him and that they should now be treated as enemies.

A Terran ship commanded by Siska Taoming finds the Darghetian spaceship.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-24

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