1058 - Vorstoß nach M 3
Incursion in M3
Kurt Mahr

Back on the Earth, Rhodan organizes an expedition toward M3. A few weeks later, they arrive at the coordinates found in the vault of the cathedral Kedschan. They encounter a cloud made of psionic energy which disappears when the fleet gets too close to it. Jen Salik thinks it was sent by the Porleyters and it recognized the status of Knight that Rhodan and himself carry.

The fleet arrives in a system around a sun baptized EM. Pucky detects Psychic emissions coming from the second planet, where an expedition is sent. They discover the presence of intelligence sponges and start suspecting that the black rocky hill that emitted the impulses is alive.

The sponges become more aggressive and kill a Terran.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-20

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