1055 - Das psionische Labyrinth
The Psionic Labyrinth
H.G. Ewers

With the help of the Eye, Perry Rhodan reaches the AINO UWANOK on Khrat, where he is briefed by the deputy commander Meng Faischü. At present two space jets and four SHIFTs are missing, whereby Rhodan postulates, they must be imprisoned in a psionic labyrinth, which resulted from the mental storm.

The group of Roi Danton, Waylon Javier, Les Zeron, Siria Osinskaja and Unaire Zahidi leaves the dead Ertruser Omdur Kuwalek, and tries to reach the the the BASE in orbit with the SHIFT, which is not yet visible to them.

Rhodan, accompanied by Nereide Hafner and Jamie Wilcox flies in a Space Jet to the cathedral Kesdschan. But the psionic labyrinth now lets the cathedral disappear as point of reference.

On the BASE Sandra Bougeaklis tries to isolate the Hamiller tube, which is not possible. Shortly thereafter Oliver Javier, the son of the commander, disappears.

Olli Bolli is longer with the comatose Demeter. Afterwards it leaves the Wyngerin and runs as if drunk into the Siganesen Sirtan Fining. The Empath feels that someone should check if one of Seth Apophis outgoing Kraft will save the Hamiller tube, whereupon the boy explains it Hamiller.

The wrong cathedral-wait Eternazher dips and tries to hold Danton's group on Kohrat. It admits openly to be a projection of superintelligence Seth Apophis. But the Terrans reach an object in that reminds them of a castle lost in time.

Rhodan and both his companions land close to the medieval castle. They enter it and observe among other things five human shadows, one of which is identified as Rhodan's son. The Terran tries to make contact, but fails.

On the BASE Olli Bolli is hunted by the Tube and warned. The boy awoke parental feelings in the tube help them to resist the Seth Apophis component.

Rhodan, Hafner and Wilcox leave the castle and return to the UWANOK. Afterwards, Rhodan wants to go alone into the cathedral and carries only a Serun. On his way to the psionic labyrinth he is confronted by events from the past. Rhodan meets the Arkonide Crest on Luna, is with Icho Tolot in the hollow world horror, faces Rhodan II on D-Muner, enters the planet Bardioc with Ganerc Callibso, observed, together with Atlan on the SOL orbiting Drackrioch, the merging of the Duuhrt with BARDIOC.

Suddenly however he is transported to the cathedral Kesdschan. Rhodan sees an eternal flame in the center, which threatens to expire. He knows that it is a symbol for the Knights of the Abyss and the legend embodied, which all stars will go out, if the last knight dies. Rhodan feels also the consciousness of the Hathors Terak Terakdschan, which created the Knights as a successor organization for the Porleyter. In the long run he recognizes that Tengri Lethos is also in the cathedral, where the consciousness of all Knights are retained, who died in the fight for good in the universe. Also Lethos, Terakdschan and Rhodan will go into the cathedral later after the victory in the common fight against the Seth Apophis component. On May 10 conditions in the Yghmanor system normalize again.

Mark Gearhart 2009-08-07

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