1054 - Der mentale Sturm
The Mind Storm
H.G. Ewers

When he attempted to reach a higher plane of existence, Tengri Lethos, the Guardian of the Light, fell in a trap laid out by an evil component of the psychode that he was using. The component is not connected to Boyt Margor and his consciousness is soon merged with that of another Hathor, Terakdschan. The two Hathors join forces and try to fight back the unknown power.

The Sol arrives in Norgan-Tur and is the system of Khrat, it is greeted by the Master of Ceremony, who announces that the celebration for Rhodan's knighting will soon begin. Waylon Javier lands on Khrat but him and his crew are soon subjected to various illusions created by a being called Eternazher, who turns out to be an agent from Seth Apophis. Javier realizes that two powers are fighting for the control of the cathedral. One is Seth Apophis and the other is unknown. The fight is causing a mind storm that precipitates the humans into various unknown fictive locations, killing some of them.

Rhodan arrives on the Sol and understands that something is wrong.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-12

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