1052 - Finale auf Chircool
Finale on Chircool
Peter Griese

On Chircool, Claude St Vain takes the power by force and proclaims himself the duke St Vain. On the Sol, the spokesperson of the Buhrlos asks Atlan to change direction, saying his people is feeling the attraction of a certain point in space. Atlan refuses.

The Sol arrives on Chircool and St Vain manages to place two bombs on the spaceship. He wants to be taken on Kran. With Bjo Breiskoll's help, the bombs are disarmed and St Vain is neutralized. Breiskoll becomes the new leader of the Betschidians and he asks Atlan if the Sol can take his two hundred men on board. Atlan accepts.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-12

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