1051 - Die schwarze Flamme
The Black Flame
Ernst Vlcek

In 4012, the Sol arrives in the sector Varnhagher-Ghynnst, where the Spoodies orginated. Instead of finding the Spoodie cloud, they discover an asteroid being towed by spaceships in the form of birds, which disappear when the Sol arrives. Atlan lands on the asteroid and is captured by robots.

Atlan discovers the presence of Kranes on the asteroid, who were sent by the Dukes in order to discover if more Spoodies could be collected. The Kranes have been enslaved by a power that rules over the asteroid and which has psychic the power, manifested by the vision of black flames in its victimes.

In the caves of the asteroid, Atlan discovers containesr with thousands of Spoodies. He also finds a young woman called Gesil, who radiates a powerful erotic strength. On Atlan's request, Gesil calls back her robots. Gesil accompanies on the Sol while the Spoodies are taken on board.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-11

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