1048 - Atlans Rückkehr
Atlan's Return
William Voltz

As he awakes, Atlan remembers his past:He stayed beyond the Matter Source for over two hundred years but he has no recollection of it. He was found by the Buhrlos in an abandoned space station and he then proceeded to follow the instructions of the Cosmocrats with the Sol: to create an empire that would serve as a buffer between the Spheres of Influence of It and Seth Apophis. Atlan flew with the Sol for twenty years before he finally settled on the galaxy Vayquost. During these twenty years, he had to abandon several groups of mutineers on Chircool.

Atlan made contact with the Dukes of Krandhor and he explained his mission to them. They accepted to help and the Arkonide became the Oracle. Using the Spoodies that the Cosmocrats had given him, Atlan used the small organisms to increase the intelligence of the citizens of Krandhor and he started expanding his empire.

The duke Gu becomes the new Oracle, helped by Surfo Mallagan. Gu and Carnuum tell the population about the identify of the Oracle and Atlan's connection is finally severed from the cloud of Spoodies that used to help him rule the Kranes.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-06

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