1046 - Terra im Schußfeld
Terra in the Sights
Clark Darlton

Alien spaceships are detected in the Vega sector, identical to the one Salik saw when he arrived in the Milky Way. The spaceships seem to be busy creating a six Time Point. Pucky and Ras Tschubai are dispatched with bombs in an attempt to neutralize the Time Point before it becomes active. Initially teleported on an unknown planet, they are brought on board the Time Point during a test of the mysterious weapon. They set their bombs and teleport on the spaceships.

Inside, they meet with three-meter tall aliens that Pucky names Sawpans. Before the bombs explode, Pucky manages to capture one of them, Tascerbill. Then the explosion destroys the Time Point.

Cedric Beust 2003-01-06

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