1043 - Vamanu
H.G. Ewers

On Terrania, a cargo of protoplasm is stolen and with the help of thirty Antis, Perry Rhodan captures the culprit. It's a three-meter big creature called Vamanu. Vamanu tells Rhodan he was asked by the Cosmocrats to try and recreat the Viral Empire. To this effect, he was given an asteroid called Samsaru equipped with a laboratory but he was hit by a cosmic storm and put in a cryogenic sleep for five hundred years. Quiupu was sent in replacement by the Cosmocrats. When Vamanu woke up, he realized that his laboratory has been modified and then reached the Earth.

An investigation leads Rhodan near a solar system where he finds the dead body of a creature called a Darghetian by Vamanu. The logs reveal that the Namu-Rapa, the Darghetian, was serving Seth Apophis against his will. He found the asteroid and mutated the germ cells, but the experiment got out of hand and ended up in the creation of the info-viruses, which are now plaguing the Earth because the planet was not emitting the Seth Apophis aura.

Back on the Earth, Vamanu tells Rhodan that Quiupu is now in charge of the experiments and the mysterious creature disappears with his spaceship.

Cedric Beust 2003-Jan-06

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