1042 - Gefahr aus M 19
Danger from M-19
H.G. Ewers

On the Earth, a sudden increase in intelligence causes all kinds of problems with animals. Humans are also affected and show extra creativity. The Cosmic Bazaar Dantzig is shut down and the construction of a fleet of spaceships is ordered by Julian Tifflor. Rhodan realizes that Tifflor has fallen under the influence of Seth Apophis and has him isolated. Reginald Bull is kidnapped and reappears a few days later with no recollection of what happened. Half a ton of protoplasm coming from the World of a Hundred Suns is stolen.

Nathan tells Rhodan that someone erased all the information gathered about Quiupu, the Viral Empire and something that he calls the Genetic War, and which happened in year 5 of the new calendar. Only Tifflor knew about this information, which Nathan is now ready to disclose to Rhodan.

In year 5 of the new galactic calendar, the Arra Karts Troluhn discovered an asteroid approaching the Milky Way coming apparently from M-19. Inside, the Arra finds cultures of viruses and a powerful laboratory, which he starts using in an attempt to find out more. He gets infected by a deadly virus called the Cobalt virus. The Arra leaves the asteroid with a culture of the virus and accidently infects the planets Etrus and Siga. The virus mutates and influences the development of the flora and the fauna on both planets, which soon start suspecting each other of sabotage.

Tifflor and a few Sigans manage to end the conflict and an antidote to the cobalt virus is developed on the medical planet Tahun.

The location in the positronic computer that used to contain this information is now infected as well, leading Rhodan to suspect that the owners of the asteroid are also responsible for the recent onslaught of attacks on the Earth. After some research, Pucky finds out that an asteroid similar to the one described in the archives was spotted a few months ago by someone called Chlotor, but the astronomer lost track of it.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-16

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