1041 - Das Orakel
The Oracle
William Voltz

The Oracle tells the two Dukes that he serves higher powers and that the expansion of the kingdom of Kran has a cosmic importance. The kingdom is located in the middle of the spheres of influence of two super-intelligences: It and Seth Apophis.

It's sphere of influence is made of the Milky Way, Andromeda, the Magellanic Clouds, Draco Ursa Minor, Sculptor, Fornax, Leo I 205-and-II-NGC-6822-147,-1613 and M32. Seth Apophis controls the giant galaxy Hedropoon (M 81), Werhomoon, Parlzereeth, Brecktinoon, Sethdropoon and Sethdepot (M82). The kingdom of Kran must guarantee that these two spheres of influence never overlap each other, but recently, Seth Apophis started advancing in an attempt to turn himself into a Matter Sink.

The three Betschidians are transported inside the palace of the Oracle and Mallagan wakes up as if he had just won the Lugosiade. The Oracle tells them that the Lugosiade has been based on the model that allowed the creation of the Mutant Corps. The three Betschidians are taken in the control room of the Oracle where they discover that the Oracle of Krandhor is nobody else than Atlan, whose asleep body is connected to millions of Spoodies.

In the meantime, the headquarters of Kran fall under the control of the Brotherhood.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-10

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