104 - Nur ein Greenhorn
Horn: Green
William Voltz

August 2102.

John Edgar Pincer, the son of the President of the Cosmic Fruit Company, has just been married. For his honeymoon, he undertakes a journey to Ferrol (in the Vega System) with his odd wife aboard. He also carries in his private ship seeds for a variety of spinach. After being interrogated by a patrol cruiser, the odd couple dives into hyperespace but, due to a mistake made by Pincer, they do not arrive in the Vega System but, instead, carry out a hyperjump of greater distance. They emerge back into normal space around two light-years from the white dwarf Alazé. A Springer cruiser arrives and radios Pincer and his wife, asking to see a certain Shaugnessy. Prudently, Pincer passes himself off for Shaugnessy. The ship is brought aboard the Springer vessel, Valmonze.

The Springers believe that Pincer has come to deliver their merchandise, which happens to be opium. They mistake the spinach seeds for poppy seeds. Their goal is to develop the traffic of opium in the Galaxy in order to weaken the position of the Earth. The Springers are associated with a certain Terran named Vincent Aplied. The Val-I dives into hyperespace and arrives at the planet Alaze.

There, Pincer attempts to send an SOS but he is prevented by Valmonze. With his wife, he flees into the forest. The Ara Amat-Palong analyzes the spinach seeds and discovers that it is not opium. Pincer and his wife are captured by birdmen, the natives of the planet, who they befriend while offering them cigarettes. The smoke has an intoxicating effect on them. While the Terrans converse with one of the birdmen named Schnitz, the Springers approach. The Terrans are brought by the natives up into the trees while Schnitz gives false information to the Springers.

During this time, on Earth, Perry Rhodan must face the distrust of several races. The Springers accuse the Terrans of spreading opium throughout the Galaxy. Rhodan decides to quarantine the Solar System

Another vessel lands on Alazé. This time it is the real Shaugnessy. Valmonze understands then what has happened and is furious. Amat-Palong decides only to search for the fugitives.

Pincer and his wife want to find a hypercom station to send an SOS. Their native companions, not wanting to come with them, leave them alone in the forest but they are captured by a primitive birdman tribe. The members of this tribe are victims of the drug traffic and the advertising of the “white powder”. They are imprisoned but, at night, Schnitz comes to free them. They arrive then at one of the Springer stations that are distributed all over the surface of the planet but, just as they reach the hypercom, they come upon Amat-Palong. During the fight that follows, Schnitz is killed. The Ara wants to take them prisoners in his glider but the birdmen friends of Schnitz intervene and kill him. Pincer can finally send an SOS.

It is received by the cruiser Cape Canaveral. Its commander, Major Woodworth, delighted to break the routine, warns Rhodan who charges him to recover Pincer, but only using a 3-man destroyer interceptor.

Valmonze intercepts the message and asks the Springer Razmon to recover the fugitives. When the glider arrives close to the station, the destroyer interceptor eliminates it while, at the same time, taking aboard Pincer and his wife.

Shaugnessy, seeing an opportunity to change, opposes Valmonze. However, Valmonze is stronger and succeeds in neutralizing him.

Pincer is welcomed with honors on Earth. Vincent Aplied is stopped and the traffic of opium comes to an end.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-20

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