1037 - Gefangene der SOL
Prisoners of the Sol
Peter Terrid

The conflict between Tomason and Mallagan gets worse and sabotage force the Sol to interrupt its linear flight. Douc Langur goes after Mallagan. Scoutie and Faddon reach the center of the Sol where the discover the Buhrlos. They are the descendants of the Solanians and their skin is covered by a blue substance allowing them to survive in space for short moments. They have to expose their blue skin to the void or it solidifies and kills its hosts.

Mallagan prevents the three hundred Buhrlos from leaving the Sol in order to force Tomason to accelerate the flight to Kran. The Buhrlos are very important for the Oracle, so Tomason is forced to comply.

Douc Langur severs the connection between Mallagan and Seneca but the researcher is then captured.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-10

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