1036 - Das Spoodie-Schiff
The Spoodie Ship
Peter Terrid

The three Betschidians are picked up by the Spoodie Ship, which turns out to be the Cell 1 and the central part of the Sol. It is commanded by Tanwalzen, a Solanian who servers the Oracle.

Mallagan doesn't like to see the spaceship of his ancestors in the hands of Kranes and he tries to take control of it, while Scootie and Faddon try to penetrate the central part of the spaceship. With the help of Seneca, Mallagan takes control of the ship and insulates its various parts. However, he allows the Kranes to continue their flight toward Kran.

A small fleet approaches the Sol and Douc Langur boards the spaceship.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-10

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