1034 - Kommandos aus dem Nichts
Commandos from the Void
H.G. Francis

Still under the control of the unknown power, Tolot discovers a station hidden at the bottom of the sea. Inside, the Halutian finds a glove that automatically adapts to his morphology and seems to have a life of its own. Guided by the Tolot's cell activator signal, the Gelomar, a Terran spaceship, locates the Halutian and captures him. An unknown spaceship appears and tries to destroy the Gelomar, but the Terrans manage to escape.

Helped by his glove, Tolot manages to break free and he attempts to reprogram the computer to alter the destination of the Gelomar, but the Terrans sedate him with gas. In the headquarters of the Cosmic Hanse, the scientists determin that the coordinates entered by the Halutian correspond to a double quasar located at fourteen billion light years from the Earth, a distance that nobody has ever been able to cross.

Two Halutians tell Rhodan that Tolot needs to leave the Earth. They take him on their ship but Tolot takes control of their vessel thanks to the glove. He decides to head after the Base, which is the only spaceship capable of helping him reach the Warehouse.

Rhodan sees through Tolot's plan and teleports on the Base, where he instructs Waylon Javier to let Tolot come on board so they can follow him.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-15

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