1033 - Die Hamiller-Tube
The Hamiller Tube
Peter Griese

In the year 2 of the New Galactic Calendar, Payne Hamiller had a new positronic computer installed inside the Basis, which he called the Hamiller Tube. One year later, Hamiller died in a transmitter accident. Papers left by the scientist indicate that the Hamiller Tube will activate itself automatically at some time in the future.

In the coming year, ths revolutionary ideas invented by Hamiller were applied to create the Metagrav Propulsion, which involves creating an artificial black hole ahead of the spaceship, which is then protected by a shield called the Grigoroff shield.

In the year 424, the Basis is getting ready to fly toward the galaxy Norgan Tur and the crew, commanded by Waylon Javier, makes a test flight within the Milky Way. Norgan Tur is located eighty million light years away and the trip will take three months.

On the Earth, Demeter, Roi Danton's wife, tells her husband that she needs to take part in the flight to Norgan Tur or she will start aging. Puzzled, Danton asks his father the permission and obtains it. Shortly thereafter, Demeter disappears. Pucky and Ras Tschubai find her inside a cave in a coma inside a coffin, not unlike the one she was originally found in in Crete, several centuries ago. Her body is brought on the Basis.

The Basis starts its test flight and suddenly, the Hamiller Tube activates. It takes control of the spaceship and affirms working for the good of mankind. A new flight is programmed and the Basis emerges in a binary system where it is soon attacked by a fleet of over two hundred spaceships commanded by Blues who seem to have seceded from the main race, theoretically allied of the Terrans. The Basis tries to escape but the spaceships are too powerful and the giant spaceship threatens to crash on the planet. Desperate, Waylon Javier decides to separate the main section of the base.

Suddenly, all the conditions come back to normal and the Hamiller Tube explains to Javier that the Basis is still orbiting the Earth. Everything that just happened was an illusion created by the giant computer, which had wrapped the Basis in its Grigoroff shield in order not to be interrupted by the Terrans.

On December 22nd, the Basis starts its long journey to Norgan Tur.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-10

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