1031 - Mission Zeitbrücke
Mission Time Bridge
H.G. Ewers

In the Milky Way, five Time Points have been located, one of them near the planet Arxisto. The Y-shaped structue seems to be sending random objects and creaturs from a time evaluated at six hundred thousand years. However, the Terran scientists estimate that Seth Apophis is still experimenting with this technology.

A first attempt at trying to destroy the Time Point on Arxisto shows that they are protected by a powerful shield. Rhodan creates a bridge made of ten Tsunami ships, each of them shifted two seconds in the future. With a small team, he enters the bridge, which provokes various time anomalies with everyone. Rhodan finds himself transported back in the early days of the Third Force, on Ferrol, and also when he was nine years old, when he met It for the first time. Finally, the group reaches the other side and approaches the Time Point.

They set bombs on the structure but as they are about to leave, they realize that the shuttle, and soon themselves, start sinking inside the Time Point. Inside, the Terrans are confronted with the various objects and creatures that are about to be hurled outside the Time Point and they eventually land on Arxisto, where they discover their bombs, which have been deactivated during the transfer.

A Terran spaceship discovers their presence on Arxisto and picks them up.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-09

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