1030 - Meister der Vergangenheit
Master of the Past
Kurt Mahr

Mallagan wakes up on Maso's spaceship and he has no memory of the past events. He claims to serve a higher being and he tells Faddon and Scoutie that soon, they will become his servants. Using his special skills, Mallagan creates an instability in space in order to gain the respect of the Mascinotes. They meet a Mascinote delegation on Lykving, one of the space fortresses.

The Betschidians try to determine the origin of the Mascinotes and they discover robots that look like them. They finally meet the First Neighbor, a gigantic computer who tells them the story of the space fortresses.

In a distant past lived the Founders, a race that had reached a high technological level which soon attracted the interest of their neighbors. The Founders created the space fortresses in order to perpetuate their culture. The fortresses were commanded by a computer called the First Neighbor and staffed by robots who also had the task to explore the universe for new lives.

The First Neighbors became separated after an accident and the Mascinotes got created, derived from the robots.

Mallagan forces the First Neighbor to leave this section of space and deactivates the space ways, thus allowing their civilization to resume where it left off. Mallagan tells his two friends that they will be picked by the Twentieth Fleet on their way to Kran.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-09

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