1029 - Die Unbezwingbaren
The Invicibles
Kurt Mahr

The Twentieth Krane Fleet led by the Krane Maso arrives in a sector of space occupied by two thousand giant space fortresses. Spaced out every 250 light years, they occupy a sphere of four thousand light years of diameter. Rectangle spaceships fly in-between the fortresses. A small crew of Kranes meet the inhabitants of the fortresses, called Mascinotes.

The Mascinotes report to a machine and have the appearance of a small wheel. They have the ability to curve the space continuum which allows them to circulate. A Mascinote called Valvul is in touch with an entity called the First Neighbor. Under the influence of the mysterious entity, he tries to capture the three Kranes but the attempt fails. The three Betschidians are turned over to a Krane called Maso by the Duke Gu.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-09

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