1028 - Der einsame Gefangene
The Solitary Prisoner
Clark Darlton

The Duke Gu convinces Faddon and Scoutie to join him on the Kranos 1 which then departs for an inspection visit of a fortress. A prisoner called Ford is kept in a cell there because he killed a technician three years before. Ford concludes an alliance with Aychartanian pirates and he takes the Duke Gu hostage.

Ford detects a physical resemblance with Faddon and Scoutie and befriends them. He tells them he is a Solanian and that the wreck they found on the Krane Trap was a part of the spaceship Sol. He says that the rest of the Sol and the Solanians still exist. Ford and the pirates are soon chased by Krane spaceships and captured back. Ford dies ino the battle. The Kranos 1 resumes its course toward Kran with the two Betschidians on board.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-09

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