1023 - Die Quarantäneflotte
The Quarantine Fleet
Peter Terrid

Rhodan arrives in the vicinity of Arxisto, where a big structure in the form of a Y seems to serve as a matter transmitter. Various spaceships emerge from it and a new creatures appear on Arxisto, where they continue their devastation.

A fleet of several hundreds spaceships appears near the structure and Rhodan meets with their owners. They are the Seolis and their kind is infected with a hereditary disease called the Solar Plague. The Seolis value life and do their best not to propagate the Plague to other species. They were recently told to go to a certain point in space and they reappeared near Arxisto. Rhodan realizes that Seth Apophis most likely sent them here in order to disseminate the plague in the Milky Way.

The Terran scientists quickly diagnose the disease, which is a harmless and well-known bacteria for the Terrans, but the Seolis refuse to use the vaccine because it would destroy life. Suddenly, the whole fleet dissolves and Rhodan begins to suspect that the mysterious structure is more a time transmitter than a matter transmitter. The Time Points, as they are now called, seem to be able to take various things and people from the future and cast them in the present time.

Cedric Beust 2003-12-01

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