1020 - Das Viren-Experiment
The Viral Experiment
William Voltz

An unknown spaceship arrives in the Milky Way and when asked to identify itself, the pilot is nobody else than Jen Salik, the Knight of the Abyss who helped Rhodan during the Orbiter crisis. Salik meets with Perry Rhodan and explains that he was the one who stole Corello's cell activator. He justifies his act by saying he had to go into the galaxy Norgan Tur in order to officially receive the title of Knight of the Abyss. In order to do that, he went to the planet Khrat where the ceremony takes places in the Kedschan cathedral.

On the Earth, Carfesch tells Alask Saedelaere that Quiupu's declarations revived a few memories. He remembers that in a distant past, the Cosmocrats asked the Viral Empire to answer the three Ultimate Questions. The first two are "Where does the Endless Armada begin and where does it end?" and "Who created the Law and what does it do?". Carfesch can't remember the last question exactly but he knows it has something to do with the "Frost Ruby". Carfesch explains that Quiupu is probably trying to rebuild the Viral Empire in order to answer the Ultimate Questions.

Alaska forwards the information to Rhodan while he is talking with Jen Salik. The mention of the Ultimate Questions reminds Salik of something he saw in the Kedschan Cathedral. The Cathedral has a vault containing artifacts from a race called the Porleyters, who were the predecessors of the Knights of the Abyss. The knowledge about the items in the vault has been lost but Salik read a document about the Endless Armada and the Frost Ruby in there.

Alaska suggests Rhodan to send the Base to Norgan Tur so that when the current problems in the Milky Way with Seth Apophis are solved, he can teleport there directly with the Eye of Laire, since the Base is part of the Cosmic Hanse. Rhodan accepts.

At the same moment, Quiupu is found missing and various reports reach Rhodan from a planet called Arxisto and also other places throughout the Cosmic Hanse. It seems like Seth Apophis is launching another attack against It.

A monster is discovered in the vicinity of Terrania but it is eventually defeated. Quiupu tells Rhodan that the monster is the result of a missed experiment but that he must absolutely be allowed to continue. Rhodan refuses but he changes his mind when he receives a result from Nathan, who analyzed the problem and suggested that the strange alien should be allowed to carry on with his experiments.

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