1016 - Zwischenspiel auf Karselpun
Intermission on Karselpun
Clark Darlton

A young Krane called Jons has the three Betschidians brought to a planet called Karselpun, where he secretly hopes to have them killed so that they never get to meet the Oracle. On Karselpun, the Betschdians meet with the Krane Cersonur who arrived on the planet a long time ago as he was trying to escape from three astronauts he once abandoned on a planet after mutiny.

Cersonur wants to study why the Spoodies try to unite with each other and he convinces Mallagan to receive another of these organisms. The second Spoodie quickly unites with the first one in Mallagan's body. Then the Betschdians head toward the Next of the Nineteenth Fleet.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-19

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