1013 - Die Spoodie-Seuche
The Spoodie Epidemic
H.G. Ewers

The Broddom arrives in the Next of the Seventeeth Fleet only to discover that the station has been decimated by an epidemic. The three Betschidians hear from some of the survivors that a Spoodie epidemic broke out, causing all the victims to shut in and eventually fall into a deep coma. The Broddom withdraws while the Betschidians find an information in the main computer about the discovery of a spherical spaceship called the Dalurque, on a planet 107 light years from their current position. They take a shuttle and head there.

When they arrive near the planet, baptized Krane Trap, the Betschidians are attacked by powerful psychic impulses that causes them to crash. On the surface, they discover that the source of the impulses are giant plants and they make contact with a Tart called Gonos. Gonos tells them that his spaceship, the Iktor, landed on this planet many years ago, and that the seed of a plant they had on board started growing out of control. Soon, a population of flowers was born which started sending powerful hyperspace impulses toward a particular point in space. They received radiations in return that caused them to grow.

Gonos then leads the Betschidians to the wreck of the Iktor.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-19

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