1011 - Angriff der Brutzellen
Attack of the Posiphages
Peter Griese

When Quiupu realizes what is happening with Boulmeester, he treats Adelaies with the cells modified by his treatement and he manages to cure her. However, the treatment fails against Boulmeester who quickly takes Quiupu as a hostage. Boulmeester tries to teleport on the Moon but Quiupu modifies the transmitter at the last minute and the two men materialize on Outpost-4271, the station that initially reported the appearance of Quiupu in the Milky Way.

On the Outpost, the two men are greeted by the Hanse specialist Deiniger who blows up the transmitter as soon as he understands the situation. Boulmeester then threatens to kill Quiupu and he orders Deiniger to call the Earth and have a spaceship sent so that he can reach the Moon.

The Tsunami-80 arrives on the Outpost but Tifflor secretly had it accompanied by Tsunami-81, a spaceship with a small ATG temporal field. Boulmeester boards the Tsunami-80 and heads for the Moon. When they reach the vicinity, Quiupu escapes while a bomb is sent on Tsunami-80 while the ATG field is activated. The spaceship explodes and the posiphages, contained by the ATG field, are destroyed in the explosion.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-18

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