101 - Der Weltraum-Tramp
Vagabond of Space
Clark Darlton

On 16 March 2102, Captain Samuel Graybound, who works for the Company “Startramp LTD Space Travel Enterprises”, is contacted by the Institute of Cosmonaut Retraining. He presents himself in anger to Ludwig van der Bloom, the director of the recruitment office. While Graybound is suspected of bootlegging, he has still been chosen to pilot one of the new linear spacecraft. Graybound violently refuses.

The Lizard, Graybound's cargo ship, soon takes off for the planet Glatra III. Bootleg medicines are hidden in plush teddybears. A Terran cruiser attempts to intercept him but the cargo ship makes a quick transition just in the nick of time.

Meanwhile the Fantasy, after having escaped from the Blue System, is traveling close to the center of the galaxy. Suddenly there is an explosion aboard the experimental linear drive spacecraft. Survivors flee aboard the only intact corvette and crash land on the second planet of a yellow sun. Its surface is composed of a grayish mush. Several gray shapes then head toward the Terrans. Only one SOS can be transmitted.

The Lizard receives it and discovers the planet that Rhodan and the Fantasy survivors are located on. This planet is revealed to be made up of 100% organic material.

On the surface, the shipwrecked victims come to the conclusion that the planet is a gigantic protozoa. They make progress across the surface but must use their beamers to pave themselves a path through the gray figures. They find shelter on a rock. Goratchine uses his powers to trigger some atomic explosions.

Perry Rhodan attempts to call for help with his wrist emitter and establishes contact with Graybound. Graybound does not realize who he is talking to and gets angry with his speaker. Pucky teleports himself aboard and reveals to Graybound how much trouble he is in due to his insolence toward Rhodan.

The shipwrecked victims are embarked on the Lizard. The cargo ship makes a transition but upon its re-emergence, it is inspected by three cruisers of the Terran Fleet. A Major Behnken comes aboard but Rhodan intervenes so that Graybound is left alone. Shortly afterwards, the Lizard and the Fantasy's survivors arrive back on Earth.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-03

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