1008 - Ein Computer spielt verrückt
A Computer Runs Amok
Ernst Vlcek

On the planet Mardi Gras, Albert, the main positronic computer, is showing increasing signs of malfunction to a point where it almost kills some people on the station. Aljya Symens, the commander of the station, enlists the help of Kredo Harven to track the problem. Harven, who is a Cosmic Hanse agent, suspects this to be an attack from Seth Apophis and he asks the scientist Jost Governor to investigate. Governor soon finds alien micro-organisms inside the positronic brain. The alien cells, baptized posiphages, slowly reprogram the positronic cells and take over the computer.

The situation degrades and the Terrans are forced to retreat in an area where Albert has no access. Shortly thereafter, Perry Rhodan arrives on Mardi Gras.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-17

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