1005 - Todesfahrt nach Felloy
Deadly Journey to Felloy
Kurt Mahr

The Aychartanian spaceship is attacked by the Santonmar but the pirates destroy the attacker. The three Betscidians escape and hide on the wreck, as they realize that their Spoodies have fallen off, severely crippling their mental abilities. They take a shuttle and head for the Nest of the Eighth Fleet, unaware that 3-Marli, one of the pirates, is hidden on board and has altered the flight plan.

The shuttle arrives in the system of Felloy, of which the fourth planet, Cratcan, belongs to the Aychartanians. 3-Marli is mortally wounded during a fight with Mallagan but he manages to hypnotize the Betschidians and orders them to forget all memories of what just happened. The three Betschidians arrive in the Felloy system.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-11

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