1002 - Das weiße Schiff
The White Ship
Marianne Sydow

The white ship that lands on Chircool is manned with Kranes, creatures with heads that are a mix of a lion and a wolf. They capture many Betschidians and inject them small insects called Spoodies. Some Betschdians hide and when they try to extract a Spoodie from one of the prisoners, the victim starts behaving erratically and enters a transe where he says that inhabitants of Chircool once came from a planet called the Earth and that they should seek it.

Douc Langur, who is no one less than the Hermit, makes contact with the Kranes, who tell him their spaceship, the Arsalom, belongs to the fleet of the Duke of Krandhor. They serve a leader called the Oracle of Krandhor and their mission is to take control of all planets within their realm. The Spoodies are symbiotes that increase the intelligence of their carrier and die after seven years.

The Arsalom also needs soldiers on board and Douc Langur, Faddon and Scoutie are accepted in the crew. The white ship then takes off.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-11

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