1001 - Die Jäger von Chircool
The Hunters from Chircool
Marianne Sydow

After organizing a mutiny on the Sol, a part of the crew was exiled and arrived on the planet Chircool, where they became the Betschidians. They are split in two clans, the hunters and ship dwellers, who are led by someone called Claude St Vain and who tries to maintain the belief that they live on a spaceship and not a planet.

Jorg Breiskoll, a fourteen-year old teenager with a red fur, meets with a hermit, a strange person who is not human and has claws instead of hands. The hermit warns them that the tribe is soon going to be attacked by firce animals called chircools. During the attack, Djin, one of Jorg's friends, is wounded. Briskool takes him to the hermit in the hope that the old man could cure his friend. On his way, he sees a spaceship land, which he initially mistakes for the Sol.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-06

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