1000 - Der Terraner
The Terran
William Voltz

1 - The Arrival

Carfesch, an emissary of Tyrik, a Cosmocrat, arrives on Eden II, the planet of It. He has two cell activators with him and he must give them to It. The Immortal greets him and tells Carfesch that now, he will stay with Him forever.

2 - The Search

Charruta and Berritz have been patrolling the Universe for several decades, trying to find one of the chosen ones for the cell activator. They arrive in a region of space where two continuums are overlapping. A fight is raging around the third planet. Cylindrical spaceships coming out of the continuum crack are fighting against spherical spaceships. The detector Charruta and Berritz have on board reveals that the bearer is on this planet. His name is Atlan.

It will take another 10,000 years before the second bearer is found.

3 - The Search - part 2

Jynker is the commandant of the Korkoor-Aar. Many years ago, his spaceship had an accident that caused most of it to become radioactive. Jynker is the only crew member left, all the other ones are either dead or have mutated and are now trying to kill him.

The detector goes off and Jynker must reach the far end of the spaceship in order to lead it to the planet where the potential bearer has been found. He barely makes it and the ship crashes.

4 - The boy

Young Perry, six years old, is fishing with his uncle. He tells him about the dreams he regularly has about space travels and unified civilizations. As thunder begins to sound, Perry heads back to his home. When his uncle turns around to watch him, Perry has disappeared.

5 - The Window to the Cosmos

Perry materializes in front of It and Carfesch. It tells Rhodan about a Window to the Cosmos. When asked where this Window is, It says that it lies within him, that he will open it when the right time has come. On ITsrequest, Perry closes his eyes in order to get a glimpse of the window. He then sees himself within a beam of light, resonating in harmony with everything. Puzzled, Perry opens his eyes but It won't give any further explanations. Then Carfesch sends the kid back to his home, erasing all memory of this experience.

Shortly after, It teleports into a solar system made of forty-two planets. There, between the ninth and tenth planet, he deposits a clue for the forthcoming Galactic Riddle that Rhodan will have to solve on his quest for immortality.

6 - Highway to the cosmos

This chapter is a summary of the whole saga from episode 1 to 999. I won't sum it up here -- Cedric

7 - The Man

Back to the present, Carfesch materializes to Perry Rhodan and lets him know that It wants to see him. The Emissary from the Cosmocrats then vanishes. Rhodan has no clue as to how he could reach Eden II, nor where to find the timeless planet. It's Pucky who will give him the answer : after deeply scanning Rhodan, he tells him that now is the time to use Laire's eye. The eye of the robot will transport Rhodan to the appropriate place.

Rhodan retrieves the eye from the time safe where he had deposited it and, focuses on it. Rhodan vanishes in front of Pucky's eyes.

8 - In the Center of the Sphere of Influence

Rhodan materializes in an unfamiliar place filled with some kind of fog. He is greeted by a familiar laughter, although it does not belong to It. Theguest turns out to be Tako Kakuta, to Rhodan's great surprise. Kakuta explains that during the New Genesis Crisis, he and seven other mutants melted with the collective conscience of It, and that it is now where he is. Rhodan asks if he's going to have to melt with It too, but Kakuta says no. Then the two men teleport to meet with It.

The Immortal being tells Rhodan about the Cosmic Hanse, an intergalactic trade society that the Humanity must create. The six Spore Ships will be positioned at strategic places and used as markets while the fleet of the Orbiters will strengthen the Terran army. There are a lot of perils awaiting Rhodan in this adventure, and he will have to resort to Laire's eye in order to give the illusion that he can be in several places at the same time. Asked about specific details about this trading community, It will not make any further comment.

However, Rhodan feels that It has a vested interest in mentioning this to him and he eventually convinces It to explain himself. The Immortal says that what is going to happen with the Cosmic Hanse will have direct consequences on a fight He is currently having with an entity called Seth-Apophis. The name sounds familiar to Rhodan but he cannot put his finger on it.

9 - The Secret of the Matter Sink

Seth-Apophis is a very powerful super-intelligence and it is able to enlist people without them being aware at all who they are working for. Therefore, It has a very hard time fighting back and he needs Rhodan's help. The Cosmocrats are on It side and It needs a neutral zone to take place between His Sphere of Influence and Seth-Apophis'.

It tells Rhodan that in order to understand what the Cosmocrats are, the human race needs to become a super-intelligence itself. It describes the process of evolution as an onion, the outer layer being the most evolved. When a race progresses on the evolution scale, it gets further away from the center of the onion. Space travel allowed the human race to move forward one level. Then the fight against the Hetos of the Seven made them progress another layer. The Cosmic Hanse should allow humans to reach another degree in the evolution. The Hetos failed because they became more concerned with power than evolution.

The human race might become a super-intelligence one day, but they can't do that on their own and they will have to federate other intelligences first. When It gave Rhodan a cell-activator, He granted humanity a period of twenty-thousand years. Now it is clear to Rhodan what he is supposed to achieve in this period : Humanity must become a super-intelligence.

Aware that Rhodan has had a shock with all these revelations, It allows him to take a break. Rhodan comes back into his quarters and talks to Carfesch. The emissary from the Cosmocrats tells Rhodan he'd like to work with him, on Earth. Before Carfesch can give more details on his motivations, It calls Rhodan again.

Some unexpected events force It to shorten Rhodan's stay on Eden II. It seems that Seth-Apophis is resuming his attacks on the Sphere of Influence of the Immortal. Whenever a super-intelligence collapses, a Matter Sink is created. Rhodan remembers going into a Matter Sink in Erranternohre. There, he had felt the presence of an entity who called itself Jarmithara, a former super-intelligence.

When a super-intelligence evolves to the next degree, it becomes a Matter Source. Rhodan remembers meeting an entity called Gourdel when he and Atlan were in the Matter Source. Finally, when a Matter Source evolves, it turns into a Cosmocrat.

Rhodan makes the connection with the Knights of the Abyss, an order created by the Cosmocrats. Their goal is to insure the creation and the stabilization of as many Matter Sinks and Sources as possible. They represent the polarization of the universe and if one of them outgrows the other, the universe will no longer be able to receive new energies and will eventually collapse.

Rhodan is then sent back to his quarters where Carfesch informs him that he will join him and will live on the Earth in order to assist him in his forthcoming undertakings. Using Laire's Eye, the two men teleport back on Earth.

On his arrival, Rhodan decides that Humanity is entering a new era. On the year 3588, the Gregorian calendar ceases to be and the new date is now 1 NGE, for New Galactic Era.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-04

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