100 - Der Zielstern
The Target Star
K.H. Scheer

By 2102, the Moon has become a gigantic spaceyard, in the image of Arkon III. Alfo Zartus, a spy, is killed by an agent of lunar security while fleeing from a restricted area of the spaceyard.

On March 4, 2102, Lieutenant Brazo Alkher is sent to the Moon to become part of the crew of a new spaceship with linear propulsion - the Fantasy. After believing by mistake that Rhodan was a simple mechanic, he assumes his post as the shipís weaponís officer.

The Fantasy's goal is a red sun without name 42,180 light years from Sol. After an uneventful start, it is decided to push the experimental propulsion system to its limit. The cruiser speeds along right into a sun and passes through a part of it. An order to cut the Kalup field generators is canceled just in time. The ship carries away in its Kalup field a fraction of the sunís mass. The Fantasy is imprisoned in an envelope of fusion matter. Thanks to Brazo Alkher, an opening is created and the ship escapes.

In linear flight, they feel a shock. The cruiser emerges in the system of a blue sun, baptized the Blue System by Kalup. A strong, continuous shaking of the space-time continuum is detected, but there are no vessels detected. The Fantasy heads toward the fifth planet, which is named Sphinx. The echoes emanate from the moon of the planet. The cruiser lands on the moon, which is named Ramses. The Terrans leave the ship. They realize that the moon is in fact a gigantic transmitter station.

The natives, named Akonides, are humanoids who present some common characteristics with the Arkonides. The Akonides are believed to be the Arkonideís mother race. Auris of Las-ToŰr, charged by the Great Council of Akon to investigate the strangers, arrives too late to meet them. The Fantasy heads for Sphinx.

The Fantasy lands suddenly on Sphinx. Two gliders approach the cruiser and the Akonides scan the Fantasyís memory banks from afar. Learning that the Terrans are not Arkonides, as they had first believed, they order the Terrans to leave. All the crew is paralyzed but thanks to Pucky, the cruiser manages to escape. It crosses the screen and disappears into space.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-28

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