10 - Raumschlacht im Wega-Sektor
Space Battle in the Vega Sector
K.H. Scheer

It is three years after the defeat of the Mind Snatchers.

Out in the far reaches of the Solar System, a detector has registered over 200 hyperjumps into the Vega Sector. The relative nearness of this intense activity sets off alarms on Earth.

Thora and Khrest believe that the jumps are the result of Arkonide activity of some kind, but Reggie is dead set against investigating and putting the Good Hope in harm's way. Perry doubts that the decadent Arkonides are capable of the huge amount of energy needed to explain the signuals. However, he reasons that the jumps are the result of a small error by a race trying to trace the alarm signal from the Arkonide moon wreckage. He feels that his interference is needed to prevent the discovery of Earth.

The Good Hope hyperjumps into the middle of a huge space battle. Although the invaders are using Arkonide ships, it turns out that they are the Topides, a lizard race that has long opposed Arkon. Caught in the middle of the search for Earth are the people of Ferrol, one of Vega's 42 planets. The Good Hope immediately takes up the battle against the Topides, quickly destroying Arkonide and Topide ships alike.

Suddenly a huge Arkonide battle cruiser enters the fray. Dwarfed by the mammoth craft, the Good Hope, an auxillary ship, is severely damaged by the battle cruiser.

Forced to land, Perry makes contact with the Ferrons and meets their ruler , the Thort. He arrives courtesy of a matter transmitter which contains technology far beyond Ferron capabilities.

With the Good Hope out of the battle, the Topides seem victorious. The battle moves from space onto the planet's surface. Resting from the battle, Perry tries to solve two problems- 1) the mystery of the matter transmitters and 2)how to capture an Arkonide battle cruiser intact.

Larry Eischen

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