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Total number of summaries: 2079 (69%).
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Number Issues German title English title Number of summaries Percentage completed
11-49Die Dritte MachtThe Third Power49100 %
250-99Atlan und ArkonAtlan and Arkonis50100 %
3100-149Die PosbisThe Posbis50100 %
4150-199Das zweite ImperiumThe Second Empire50100 %
5200-299Die Meister der InselThe Masters of the Island100100 %
6300-399M 87M 87100100 %
7400-499Die CappinsThe Cappins100100 %
8500-569Der SchwarmThe Swarm4260 %
9570-599Die AltmutantenThe Old Mutants1240 %
10600-649Das kosmische SchachspielThe Cosmic Game1530 %
11650-699Das KonzilThe Council50100 %
12700-799AphilieAphilie100100 %
13800-867BARDIOCBardioc68100 %
14868-899PAN-THAU-RAPan-Thau-Ra32100 %
15900-999Die kosmischen BurgenThe Cosmic Fortresses100100 %
161000-1099Die kosmische HanseThe Cosmic Hanse100100 %
171100-1199Die Endlose ArmadaThe Endless Armada100100 %
181200-1299Chronofossilien - VironautenChronofossils and Vironauts100100 %
191300-1349Die Gänger des NetzesThe Travelers of the Net50100 %
201350-1399TarkanTarkan50100 %
211400-1499Die CantarosThe Cantaros9898 %
221500-1599Die LinguidenThe Linguides2626 %
231600-1649Die EnnoxThe Ennox816 %
241650-1699Die Große LeereThe Big Void36 %
251700-1749Die AyindiThe Ayindi48 %
261750-1799Die HamameschThe Hamamesch00 %
271800-1875Die TolkanderThe Tolkandians3749 %
281876-1899Die Heliotischen BollwerkeThe Heliotic Fortresses00 %
291900-1949Der Sechste BoteThe Sixth Messenger00 %
301950-1999MATERIAMateria50100 %
312000-2099Die Solare ResidenzThe Solar Residence3636 %
322100-2199Das Reich TradomThe Tradom Empire2525 %
332200-2299Der SternenozeanThe Ocean of Stars7676 %
342300-2399TerranovaTerranova100100 %
352400-2499NegasphareNegasphere100100 %
362500-2599StardustStardust100100 %
372600-2699NeuroversumNeuroverse9292 %
382700-2799Das Atopische TribunalThe Atopic Tribunal00 %
392800-2874Die Jenzeitigen LandeThe Lands Beyond Time11 %
402875-2899SternengruftStar Vault00 %
412900-2999GenesisGenesis00 %
423000-3099MythosMyth55 %

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February 15th, 2012

I finally finished reading the Cantaro cycle.

I was quite shocked to find out that I started reading the cycle in... 2006. Wow. Six years to read an entire Rhodan cycle, certainly the slowest I've ever been.

The cycle started with a big bang, with issue 1400 being a genuinely interesting self-contained story that opened the arc with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, I found that the strength of the plot started weakening the more I advanced, which is probably why I dropped in and out of it throughout the years. I recently found the time and the motivation to push through it and, starting at 1490, things started getting interesting again. However, I did find the conclusion a bit disappointing, especially after laying out such a large framework of intricate stories and characters for almost one hundred issues.

The idea of a single evil human being, Mono, able to subvert not just humanity but the entire Milky Way is a bit too much, even with a creative license, but I went with it. The way Mono came to power is reasonably explained in issues 1497-98-99, but I was still left unsatisfied, especially since the writers took the easy way out to have Mono killed before he could reveal more about himself (including the identity of his father, which is not Rhodan, and which, as of the next cycle, is still unknown and being sought for). His death is accompanied with a nice twist related to Rhodan, though.

The fact that Mono was the genetic son of Gesil was also an interesting twist, which unfortunately, didn't get exploited to its full potential, in my opinion.

In the Masters of the Island cycle, the #1 villain ends up being a Tefrodian lady who is introduced in the story two stories before being identified. I always found this part of the cycle quite sloppy since they had one hundred issues to set this up, and also because this cycle was such a delight to read. I'm glad to see that the writers didn't make the same mistake with the identity of Mono this time, who was introduced about three quarters through the cycle, and who then made various appearances in several stories. His unmasking wasn't of Agatha Christie proportions, though, just a nice surprise. The identities of the eight mysterious Masters of the Paths was also a nice twist.

Finally, it's impossible to not see the resemblance of the Simusense Network that enslaved all the Terrans on the Earth to the Matrix. I doubt that the Wachowski brothers ever read Perry Rhodan, but the idea behind the Matrix was definitely fully explored in this cycle, which was published in the late 80's.

The last issues of the cycle were really enjoyable to read, though, as is the next cycle, the Linguides, which I started reading. I'll email the summaries for these few issues to the group (1498-1502) for those of you who want to get an idea. Of course, the entire summarized cycle is available on my site.

Let's hope I'll read through the Linguide cycle faster than I did the Cantaro!

February 9th, 2010

After a long hiatus, I'm resuming my reading of the Cantaros cycle, currently at 1430. I also fixed and improved some of the PHP code that powers this site.

February 15th, 2005

I completely redesigned this Web site with PHP and MySQL. All the summaries are now safely stored in a database and it is possible for users to upload their own summaries.

July 22nd, 2004

Two weeks ago, I finished reading Heft #1150, which represents the 500th Heft I read since the beginning, #650. I started reading #650 in July 1999, almost exactly five years ago, so my average so far is about one hundred Hefte per year. Interestingly, I just finished reading Heft #1159 which tells the entire story of Seth Apophis, the mysterious super-intelligence that Perry Rhodah has been fighting since the beginning of the Cosmic Hanse cycle. If you are interested, Seth Apophis' story can be found here: Part 1 and Part 2.

What is lying ahead for Perry Rhodan in this cycle? (warning, small spoilers below)

Perry is still trying to find the heart of the Armada and its mysterious commander, Ordoban. He will need to accomplish the predictions of the Prophet of the Armada: take control of the Endless Armada and drive it through the Milky Way. The Galactic Fleet is also under fire from Seth Apophis' forces, since the super-intelligence finally woke up from the shock that the penetration of the Frost Ruby caused her. But before all, he will need to defeat the Armadasmiths, the so-called Sons of Ordoban, who are determined to kill Ordoban and take over the Endless Armada.

So much to do...

Onward with the cycle!

November 7th, 2003

I just finished the Cosmic Fortresses cycle, which took me six months to complete. Onward to the Cosmic Hanse!

April 3rd, 2003

I am happy to report that I am celebrating my 200th Heft read in German.

About four years ago, I started reading my first Heft in German.  It was #650, "Der Bund der Sieben", which debuted the cycle of the Larens.  Back then, I didn't seriously think that I would last very long:  my knowledge of German was cursory and it took me several hours to read an entire Heft.  A few weeks later, it occurred to me that I could scan the Hefte and run a software translator on them.  Granted, the output text was laughable, but suddenly, my reading time dropped to a couple of hours for each Heft, including the scan.

Here we are, four years later.  The whole process now takes less than one hour, I have an extensive dictionary of corrections that fix most of the translation mistakes my software translator makes.  The output is much more readable and I still enjoy it just as much

Why am I writing all this?

Because I just finished a key Heft in the current cycle:  #850, "Bardioc", thus celebrating my 200th Heft read (actually, it's more than that since I read a part of the Materia and Solar Residence cycle, but let's not nitpick).

As all the key Hefte, this one doesn't disappoint.  It's actually made of two parts and tells in great details the origin of Bardioc, thereby explaining some of the mysteries that have surrounded the past fifty Hefte but also creating more questions that will be answered in the upcoming cycles.

I won't disclose anything about this cycle in an attempt not to expose you to spoilers.  Note that I am actually at #855 now, so if you want to do some catch up on the cycle, I suggest you start from the main Bardioc summary page.

August 19th, 2002

Well, there goes another cycle. I just finished reading Heft #799, thus completing the Aphilie cycle. It's not been funny all the way through, and there were definitely a few lows during this long cycle, but I'm glad I persisted, because it definitely picked up in the last quarter. It took me about eighteen months to complete the whole cycle, including a five-month interruption. I am now headed for the Bardioc cycle, and I can't wait to start #800, appropriately titled "The Empress of Therm".

July 8th, 2001

Today is an important date: I just posted the summary to Hefte #750 and #751 on my Web site. Why is it important? Because the first German Perry Rhodan I ever read was #650.

Almost exactly two years ago, I posted my first summary of a German Heft. It was #650, "The Council of the Seven". I started learning German then, and I was pretty confident that this madness would fade and that it would be a matter of months before I found the task of painfully reading through every word too tedious.

Well, I was wrong.

While I did realize that learning German was too hard considering the little time I have for my hobbies, I found unexpected allies in a scanning software and a translation program. Suddenly, reading a Heft took only a few hours, as opposed to about twenty when I was reading them on my own. Suddenly, it occurred to me that after all, the task might actually be feasible. Still, I was pretty sure that I was just putting off the inevitable. That soon, I would give up.

Then again, I was wrong.

For the past two years, I have been reading three cycle simultaneously, and while there were definitely some lows during this period, I hang on and I'm still hooked.

So, what happened exactly during these past two years?

I kept reading the French publication, which was in the middle of the Masters of the Island back then and is now one third into M-87.

I read 100 Hefte from the Larens/Aphilie cycle. There was an undisputable pause in the middle of the Aphilie, when I lost close to all my interest for the cycle. But it eventually passed.

Also, I read approximately 80 Hefte from the current cycle, starting from #1950. Why only 80? Because around #2030, I decided I wasn't hooked enough on the new cycle to warrant three simultaneous readings. So I decided to put it on hold and focus on the Aphilie and M-87. However, I'm still receiving those and I will probably resume reading them when they reach #2099, in a few months from now.

What are my resolutions for the future?

Hopefully, keep reading the Aphilie cycle and try to maintain the pace of once a week. I could read faster, but I want to save some of my reading time for non-Perry books.

In December, I will resume my subscription to GPL as it will hit Hefte #1001 and on, in an attempt to complete my collection which stops at 1000.

And hopefully, the French edition will have accelerated its publication pace (currently at ten per year) and I will work slowly my way up until I catch up with #650...

Happy anniversary!

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